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R01 Mining Associations between Quality Concerns and Functional Requirements
Xiaoli Lian, Jane Cleland-Huang and Li Zhang

Research 01
R02 Requirements Engineering Challenges in Large-Scale Agile System Development
Rashidah Kasauli, Grischa Liebel, Eric Knauss, Swathi Gopakumar and Benjamin Kanagwa

Research 02
R03 What do support analysts know about their customers? On the study and prediction of support ticket escalations in large software organizations
Lloyd Montgomery and Daniela Damian

Research 03
R04 Shorter Reasoning About Larger Requirements Models
George Mathew, Tim Menzies, Neil Ernst and John Klein

Research 04
R05 Modeling and Reasoning with Changing Intentions: An Experiment
Alicia M. Grubb and Marsha Chechik

Research 05
R06 Improving the Identification of Hedonic Quality in User Requirements - A Controlled Experiment
Andreas Maier and Daniel Berry

Research 06
R07 Canary: Extracting Requirements-Related Information from Online Discussions
Georgi Kanchev, Pradeep Murukannaiah, Amit Chopra and Pete Sawyer

Research 07
R08 Gamifying Collaborative Prioritization: Does Pointsification Work?
Fitsum Meshesha Kifetew, Denisse Munante, Anna Perini, Angelo Susi, Alberto Siena, Paolo Busetta and Danilo Valerio

Research 08
R09 What Requirements Knowledge do Developers Need to Manage Change in Safety-Critical Systems?
Micayla Goodrum, Jinghui Cheng, Ronald Metoyer, Jane Cleland-Huang and Robyn Lutz

Research 09
R10 Mining Twitter Feeds for Software User Requirements
Grant Williams and Anas Mahmoud

Research 10
R11 A Little Bird Told Me: Mining Tweets for Requirements and Software Evolution
Emitza Guzman, Mohamed Ibrahim and Martin Glinz

Research 11
R12 What Questions do Requirements Engineers Ask?
Sugandha Malviya, Michael Vierhauser, Jane Cleland-Huang and Smita Ghaisas

Research 12
R13 Mining User Rationale from Software Reviews
Zijad Kurtanović and Walid Maalej

Research 13
R14 Behind Points and Levels - The Influence of Gamification Algorithms on Requirements Prioritization
Martina Kolpondinos-Huber and Martin Glinz

Research 14
R15 Do words make a difference? An Empirical Study on the Impact of Taxonomies on the Identification of Requirements
Kim Lauenroth, Erik Kamsties and Oliver Hehlert

Research 15
R16 Evaluating the Relevance of Some Rules for Writing Requirements through an Online Survey
Maxime Warnier and Anne Condamines

Research 16
R17 Usability Insights for Requirements Engineering Tools: A User Study with Practitioners in Aeronautics
Hélène Gaspard-Boulinc and Stéphane Conversy

Research 17
R18 A framework for improving the verifiability of visual notation design grounded in the Physics of Notations
Dirk van der Linden, Anna Zamansky and Irit Hadar

Research 18
R19 Task Interruptions in Requirements Engineering: Reality versus Perceptions!
Zahra Shakeri, Guenther Ruhe and Mike Bauer

Research 19
R20 SAFE: A Simple Approach for Feature Extraction from App Descriptions and App Reviews
Timo Johann, Christoph Stanik, Alireza M.Alizadeh B. and Walid Maalej

Research 20
R21 Using Argumentation to Explain Ambiguity in Requirements Elicitation Interviews
Yehia Elrakaiby, Alessio Ferrari, Paola Spoletini, Stefania Gnesi and Bashar Nuseibeh

Research 21
R22 The Trouble With Security Requirements
Sven Türpe

Research 22
R23 Reinforcing Security Requirements with Multifactor Quality Measurement
Hanan Hibshi and Travis D. Breaux

Research 23
R24 New Horizons for Requirements Engineering
David Callele, Krzysztof Wnuk and Birgit Penzenstadler

Research 24
R25 Users - The Hidden Software Product Quality Experts? A Study on How Software Users Report Non-Functional Aspects in Online Reviews
Eduard C. Groen, Sylwia Kopczyńska, Marc Hauer, Tobias Krafft and Jörg Dörr

Research 25
R26 Datasets from Fifteen Years of Automated Software Traceability Research (Current State, Characteristics and Quality)
Waleed Zogaan, Palak Sharma, Mehdi Mirakhorli and Venera Arnaoudova

Research 26
R27 An Evaluation of Constituency-based Hypernymy Extraction from Privacy Policies
Morgan C. Evans, Jaspreet Bhatia, Sudarshan Wadkar and Travis D. Breaux

Research 27
I01 Legal Markup Generation in the Large: An Experience Report
Nicolas Sannier, Morayo Adedjouma, Mehrdad Sabetzadeh, Lionel Briand, John Dann, Marc Hisette and Pascal Thill

Industry 28
I02 Detecting Vague Words & Phrases in Requirements Documents in a Multilingual Environment
Breno Cruz, Bargav Jayaraman, Anurag Dwarakanath and Collin McMillan

Industry 29
I03 Piggybacking on an Autonomous Hauler: Business Models Enabling a System-of-Systems Approach to Mapping an Underground Mine
Markus Borg, Thomas Olsson and John Svensson

Industry 30
I04 Feedback Gathering from an Industrial Point of View
Melanie Stade, Farnaz Fotrousi, Norbert Seyff and Oliver Albrecht

Industry 31
I05 Requirements Capture and Analysis in ASSERT™
Andrew Crapo, Abha Moitra, Craig McMillan and Dan Russell

Industry 32
I06 Does Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering Achieve its Goal?
Alistair Mavin, Philip Wilkinson, Sabine Teufl, Henning Femmer, Jonas Eckhardt and Jakob Mund

Industry 33
I07 Safety-Focused Security Requirements Elicitation for Medical Device Software
Mikael Lindvall, Madeline Diep, Michele Klein, Paul Jones, Yi Zhang and Eugene Vasserman

Industry 34
I08 A Case Study on a Specification Approach using Activity Diagrams in Requirements Documents
Martin Beckmann, Andreas Vogelsang and Christian Reuter

Industry 35
I09 How Much Undocumented Knowledge is there in Agile Software Development?
Shinobu Saito, Yukako Iimura, Aaron Massey and Annie Antón

Industry 36
I10 A Formalization Method to Process Structured Natural Language to Logic Expressions to Detect Redundant Specification and Test Statements
Benedikt Walter, Jakob Hammes, Marco Piechotta and Stephan Rudolph

Industry 37
I11 Software Requirements Analyst Profile: a descriptive study of Brazil and Mexico
Angelica Toffano Seidel Calazans, Roberto Avila Paldês, Kiane Mabel Rezende, Emeli Braosi, Nathácia Indayara Pereira, Isabel Sofia Sousa Brito and Eloisa Toffano Seidel Masson

Industry 38
D01 RE Data Challenge: Requirements Identification with Word2Vec and TensorFlow
Alex Dekhtyar and Vivian Fong

Data 40
D02 Automatically Classifying Functional and Non-Functional Requirements Using Supervised Machine Learning
Zijad Kurtanović and Walid Maalej

Data 41
D03 PURE: a Dataset of Public Requirements Documents
Alessio Ferrari, Giorgio Oronzo Spagnolo and Stefania Gnesi

Data 42
D04 Toward Automating Crowd RE
Pradeep Kumar Murukannaiah, Nirav Ajmeri and Munindar Singh

Data 43
D05 A Domain-independent Model for Identifying Security Requirements
Nuthan Munaiah, Andrew Meneely and Pradeep K. Murukannaiah

Data 44
D06 The IlmSeven Dataset
Michael Rath and Patrick Maeder

Data 45
D07 What Works Better? A Study of Classifying Requirements
Zahra Shakeri, Oliver Karras, Parisa Ghazi, Martin Glinz, Guenther Ruhe and Kurt Schneider

Data 46
PD01 UCAnalyzer: A Tool to Analyze Use Case Textual Descriptions
Saurabh Tiwari and Mayank Laddha

Posters and Demos 47
PD02 Let's Hear it From RETTA: A Requirements Elicitation Tool For Traffic Management Systems
Mohammad Noaeen and Behrouz Homayoun Far

Posters and Demos 47
PD03 ÉCrits - Visualizing Support Ticket Escalation Risk
Lloyd Montgomery, Emma Reading and Daniela Damian

Posters and Demos 48
PD04 Deploying a Template and Pattern Library for Improved Reuse of Requirements across Projects
Robert Darimont, Wei Zhao, Christophe Ponsard and Arnaud Michot

Posters and Demos 49
PD05 Tool support for Automatic Runtime Reappraisal of Weights
Luis Garcia Paucar and Nelly Bencomo

Posters and Demos 50
PD06 Choosing Requirements for Experimentation with User Interfaces of Requirements Modeling Tools
Parisa Ghazi, Zahra Shakeri Hossein Abad and Martin Glinz

Posters and Demos 51
PD07 CoSTest: A tool for Validation of Requirements at Model Level
Maria Fernanda Granda, Nelly Condori-Fernández, Tanja Vos and Oscar Pastor

Posters and Demos 52
PD08 DMGame: A Gamified Collaborative Requirements Prioritisation Tool
Fitsum Kifetew, Denisse Munante, Anna Perini, Angelo Susi, Alberto Siena and Paolo Busetta

Posters and Demos 53
PD09 Canary: An Interactive and Query-Based Approach to Extract Requirements from Online Forums
Georgi Kanchev, Pradeep Murukannaiah, Amit Chopra and Pete Sawyer

Posters and Demos 54
PD10 A demonstration of Respecify: a requirements authoring tool harnessing CNL
Michael Ledger

Posters and Demos 55
N01 Pushing Boundaries of RE: Requirement Elicitation for Non-Human Users
Anna Zamansky, Dirk van der Linden and Sofya Baskin

RE@Next! 56
N02 Interview Review: Detecting Latent Ambiguities to Improve the Requirements Elicitation Process
Alessio Ferrari, Paola Spoletini, Beatrice Donati, Didar Zowghi and Stefania Gnesi

RE@Next! 57
N03 Search for Super App Functionality
Maleknaz Nayebi and Guenther Ruhe

RE@Next! 58
N04 Crowd Sourcing the Creation of Personae Non Gratae for Requirements-Phase Threat Modeling
Nancy Mead, Forrest Shull, Janine Spears, Stefan Hiebl, Sam Weber and Jane Cleland-Huang

RE@Next! 59
N05 Juggling Preferences in a World of Uncertainty
Luis Garcia Paucar, Nelly Bencomo and Kevin Kam Fung Yue

RE@Next! 60
N06 A Data Purpose Case Study of Privacy Policies
Jaspreet Bhatia and Travis D. Breaux

RE@Next! 61
N07 Exploiting User Feedback in Tool-supported Multi-criteria Requirements Prioritization
Itzel Morales-Ramirez, Denisse Muñante, Fitsum Meshesha Kifetew, Anna Perini, Angelo Susi and Alberto Siena

RE@Next! 62
N08 How do Practitioners Perceive the Relevance of Requirements Engineering Research? An Ongoing Study
Xavier Franch, Daniel Méndez Fernández, Marc Oriol Hilari, Andreas Vogelsang, Rogardt Heldal, Eric Knauss, Guilherme Travassos, Jeffrey C. Carver, Oscar Dieste and Thomas Zimmermann

RE@Next! 63
N09 A Gamified Tutorial for Learning about Security Requirements Engineering
Daniel Alami Cabezas and Fabiano Dalpiaz

RE@Next! 64
N10 A Visual Narrative Path From Switching to Resuming an RE Task
Zahra Shakeri, Alex Shymka, Jenny Le, Noor Hammad and Guenther Ruhe

RE@Next! 65
N11 Identifying Conflicting Requirements in Systems of Systems
Thiago Viana, Andrea Zisman and Arosha K. Bandara

RE@Next! 66
SJ01 The Right-Hand Side Problem: Research Topics in RE
Michael Jackson

Silver Jubilee 67
SJ02 Requirements Elicitation: A Look at the Future through the Lenses of the Past
Paola Spoletini and Alessio Ferrari

Silver Jubilee 68
SJ03 The Vision: Requirements Engineering in Society
Guenther Ruhe, Maleknaz Nayebi and Christof Ebert

Silver Jubilee 69
SJ04 Requirements Engineering in the Year Thousand
Roel Wieringa

Silver Jubilee 70
SJ05 RE at 50, with a focus on the last 25 years
Robyn Lutz

Silver Jubilee 71
DS01 Towards a Bayesian Decision Model for Agile Release Planning
Olawole Oni

Doctoral Symposium 72
DS02 Improving the Elicitation of Delightful Context-Aware Features: a Data-Based Approach
Rodrigo Falcão

Doctoral Symposium 73
DS03 An Approach to Support the Specification of Agile Artifacts in the Development of Safety-Critical Systems
Ana Isabella Muniz Leite

Doctoral Symposium 74
DS04 Reusable Goal Models
Mustafa Berk Duran

Doctoral Symposium 75
DS05 Dealing with Conflicts between Non-Functional Requirements of Ubicomp and IoT Applications
Rainara Carvalho, Rossana Andrade and Kathia Oliveira

Doctoral Symposium 76
DS06 Verifying Cyber-Physical System Behavior in the Context of Cyber-Physical System-Networks
Jennifer Brings

Doctoral Symposium 77
DS07 Towards an adaptive framework for goal-oriented strategic decision-making
Jacek Dąbrowski

Doctoral Symposium 78
DS08 Awareness Driven Software Reengineering
Ana M. M. Moura

Doctoral Symposium 79
PN01 RE in the age of continuous deployment
Nan Niu

Panel 80
PN02 Context-Dependent Evaluation of Tools for NL RE Tasks: Recall vs. Precision, and Beyond
Daniel Berry

Panel 81


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Barbara Paech
Heidelberg University, Germany

Program Co-Chair

Jane Hayes
University of Kentucky, USA

Industry Co-Chair

Michael C. Panis
Teradyne Inc., USA

Industry Co-Chair

Walid Maalej
University of Hamburg, Germany

Data Track Co-Chair

Eric Knauss
Chalmers, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Data Track Co-Chair

Mehdi Mirakhorli
Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Posters and Demos Co-Chair

Silvia Abrahão
Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain

Posters and Demos Co-Chair

Jennifer Horkoff
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

RE@Next! Co-Chair

Jaelson Castro
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil

RE@Next! Co-Chair

Pete Sawyer
Lancaster University, UK

Jubilee Chair

Julio Cesar Leite
PUC-Rio, Brazil

Doctoral Symposium Co-Chair

Joerg Doerr
Fraunhofer IESE, Germany

Doctoral Symposium Co-Chair

Mats Heimdahl
University of Minnesota, USA