RE'17 Community Tools

For the 25th anniversary of RE, we offer an online software platform to allow participants share opinions and discuss papers, and see how the community has evolved. REConnect is the RE'17 discussion tool, a password-protected collaborative environment. Login to REConnect, and you can read and comment on paper abstracts, or leave your testimony on your RE conference experience toward the Silver Jubilee celebration. Papers of the Jubilee, Posters and Demos, and Doctoral Symposium tracks are available for discussion in the tool. Share your thoughts, expertise and experience with other researchers, and comment on RE'17 papers before, during, and after the RE'17 event. REAuthorNet is a visualisation tool of the RE author community. Login to the RE author community tool and see how our community has evolved over the years. You can see community members and the connections between them, top papers, fields of study, and more. If you are an RE author, find your name in the list, and see your connections within the network.

For this, we are thankful to Irit Hadar, Meira Levy, Dov Te'eni and their research team: Itamar Frenkel, Ido Gal, and Eran Temstet.

REConnect: the RE'17 Online Discussion Tool

This tool is available at:

Papers of the tracks Sliver Jubilee, Posters and Demos, and Doctoral Symposium are available for discussion in the tool. Authors and conference participants are invited to share their thoughts and opinion:

  1. Click on a tag in the tag cloud to show the list of discussions related to this tag.
  2. Comment on a discussion – share your thoughts, ask questions, upload files.
  3. Click like on abstracts (and later – presentations) that you like most.
  4. Add knowledge sources to existing discussions (e.g., research papers that can be relevant to a specific research).
  5. Follow a specific discussion and get email alert on changes or comments.
  6. Create friendships by pressing "Add Friend" in user profile.
  7. Send private messages to any member.

REAuthorNet: the RE 2017 Online Visualization Tool

This tool is available at:

The RE visualization site showcases the history and evolution of RE, towards its 25th anniversary. The data is based on indexed proceedings (retrieved from Microsoft Academic API), and is available from the year 2003 (the 11th edition of RE) and on. The site includes a dynamic network display of the RE community and static descriptive statistics of the conference papers. The network section displays a visualization of authors who published in RE and the connections between them. Two different types of networks are available:

  1. Authors' network, in which the connection between two authors represents the frequency of these authors' citations of each other.
  2. Authors' bibliographic coupling network, in which the connections between two authors represent the frequency of shared references cited by both authors.

These networks enable identifying shared interests between individuals in the community, as well as the cohesiveness of the community as a whole. Two views are available – a general community view, and an individual author view. The descriptive statistics enables an overall view of numbers of published papers, keywords and fields of interest over the years, most cited RE papers, and contributing affiliations.